FO: Double helix longies

These are for my sister’s baby boy (due in March) made from Woolganic merino 8ply that we got in a co-op through Kelly of Incidental Happiness.  This wool is sooooooooo soft, just lovely 🙂

I did helix stripes again – sooooo easy, although they require a little bit of thought around the crotch/top of the legs just to make sure everything stays in pattern.   These are small size and I didn’t do any short rows.  They are even, and the legs are the same length and width, they just look a bit funny in the pic cos it was taken off-centre.



3 thoughts on “FO: Double helix longies

  1. Funky bright longies!
    Well done on mastering the helix stripes too hun. I reckon you are the pro at them now, and we’ll all need lessons from you 🙂

  2. Pretty! I am doing some striped longies at the moment, with two rows of each colour (2 colours) I have a visible seam type line though and not sure how to work it when I get to the crotch/legs

  3. hmmm, thats tricky Natalie! I think I’d do the crotch with 2 rows of the same colour on each side and then joined with kitchener stitch of the other colour? You probably wouldn’t notice for that part of the crotch that the stripe is only 1 row thick, when they are being worn. Then you could use that colour to start the legs, and your seam for the leg colour changes would be on the inside of the leg then.

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