Gardeny Goodness

In the last couple of years vege gardens seem to have grown in popularity.  I remember when it was just my grandparents who were weird enough to grow veges in their backyard, but these days every man and his dog is getting out in the garden and growing edible stuff, so I thought it was about time that I had a go too.

As I know pretty much nothing about gardening (I’ve managed to kill all the plants I’ve ever owned) I figured the easiest thing for me would be to stick a few plants in Dad’s garden, that way I could benefit from his guidance.  Actually, to be honest I haven’t done all that much – I bought some plants in spring and shoved them in Dad’s glasshouse to wait for the wind to stop before planting them out.  Only then I forgot about them and Dad helpfully planted them out for me.  And then I didn’t realise that I was supposed to stake the tomatoes so Dad kindly did that too.  And I haven’t actually watered the garden or weeded it.  Oh oh!  But I did put some horse poo on it, thats gardening right?  

Anyway, despite doing little other than buying some seedlings and shovelling poop, I still got a buzz when my plants started growing veges!  I took some snaps last night.  I give you…

cherry tomatoes:


Banana capsicums – I have no idea what these taste like but they look cute!  Apparently they are supposed to go yellow, but I don’t really know when I should pick them.  Should I take them now do you think or should they ripen on the plant?


I have several different varieties of tomatoes, but I’m not sure which these are!  They might be beefsteak:


I have a massive pumpkin plant with two tiny potential pumpkins.  I hope some more start growing!


Up until last night all I’d harvested was a cherry tomato, a roma tomato and a few little scallopini.  But last night I got a big haul!  Five, yes FIVE ripe tomatoes!  Wheeeeeeee!  Yeah ok I know its not a patch on the photos of big baskets overflowing with produce that you see on other blogs, but it was enough to make me happy 🙂



2 thoughts on “Gardeny Goodness

  1. Lol. Thats a bit like when I would go fishing with Dad but would get seasick and would curl up in the cabin to sleep. Dad would do all the fishing but if my rod caught a fish he’d say “You’ve just got a fish” when in truth he baited it, cast it and reeled it in. I sense a pattern forming here…..

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