Nursery pics!

My sister Sally has been having fun transforming her spare room into a nursery 🙂  I thought I’d show some pics cos, well I like looking at cutesy baby stuff and I’m guessing I’m not the only one.  Plus there is a bit of craftiness in this post too.

She chose a jungle theme (actually that is obvious in the pics, I didn’t really need to tell you that).  She got a fancy schmancy cot set:





And she’s put stickers all over the walls.  And yes that is a droolworthy brand spanking new Touchwood cot.  Soooooo nice.  E on the other hand, is still in her Bought By Nana On TM and Repainted By Daddy cheapie that mum gave me.  Not that I’m ungrateful, cos hers is still cute (and free!), but its not as cool as a Touchwood.  Which Mum acknowledges cos she bought a Touchwood one on TM for her house for E.  I digress…


The folded up thing next to the cot is a bassinet, and above it on the wall is a wallhanging made by Mum from some jungle fabric (see, I promised this post would have craft stuff too!)


Oh lookie, she has a jungle mobile… I only just saw that in this pic!  Please note that the evil evil sangenic nappy bin is NOT going to be used for long.  We have a gazillion wee nappies cut out ready for Mum to have the pleasure of sewing, and Sally will only be using revolting disposable nappies for the first couple of weeks.  Less, if I get off my chuff and finish my nb stash to lend her.  I don’t think wolves live in the jungle!


Sally does have a bunch of flat nappies, not to use as nappies but cos they are handy for other stuff.  Particularly puke.  So of course she had to get a jungle nappy stacker:




Oh and this is a close up of the other wall hanging.  Mum has also made 2 cushions from the same fabric as the wallhangings:


Right.  Looks like everything is ready.  Now all we have to do is wait…


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