365 Giveaway!!!

Ages and ages ago Kimber had a giveaway on her blog.  The gist of it was, you leave a comment and she picks 3 people to send gifts to, on the condition that they do the same on their blog.  The gifter has 365 days to complete the three gifts, hence it being called a 365 Giveaway.

Anyway, I was one of the lucky recipients, and my pressie arrived yesterday!  Its a cute little covered notebook (very handy for the knitting bag), a needle book (sooooo cool!  How did you know I needed one of these Kimber?) and a little matching bag for stitchmarkers 🙂  Thankyou Kimber!  I love my gift 🙂 



 So now its my turn – leave me a comment on this post and next Thursday I will get E to randomly draw 3 names out of a hat, and I will send a wee something to the winners within 365 days (heh heh, no pressure there!)  By leaving a comment you are agreeing to the terms – ie that you have to do the same!  If you don’t have your own blog you can still enter, and when you get your pressie I’ll do a post here for your giveaway if you like.


Herringbone Booties


These were my favourite pattern suitable for boys in 50 Baby Booties, so I made them for Camilla.  I like the look of an old-fashioned bootie with a bit of lace, but of course the lace couldn’t be too girly.  I thought this herringbone lace was just perfect for a newborn baby boy 🙂  

The yarn is Cleckheaton Cocoon which is sooooooo soft, but split a little if I wasn’t careful.  I love the colour, which isn’t really true in these photos unfortunately.

The pattern is knit top down, with a ribbed ankle hidden under the turned down lace cuff.  It would be very easy to amend this pattern to any sort of lace you like – I’m looking forward to having a look through my lace stitch dictionary for some ideas! 


More teeny tiny slippers!


This pair of newborn size slippers is for my nephew-to-be 🙂  Its from the same Zoe Mellor book 50 Baby Booties, I think the pattern is called Simple Slippers, from memory.  Its basically the same as the contrast edge slippers but the stitch count differs by about 2 stitches (see what I mean about the 50 booties really just being variations of a few patterns?)  Both pairs have a seam down one side but the book directions are to make two identical booties.  I didn’t really like that, shoes should be symmetrical mirror images I think, but not identical!   So for each pair I turned one bootie inside out so that the seam isn’t on the same side for each bootie.  It doesn’t really matter if the seam is on the inside or outside really, but I just couldn’t stand the thought of one foot with an inside seam and one foot with an outside seam! 

Both pairs of slippers were made in Cleckheaton Country 8ply, which I picked up a while ago at K-Mart.  I really do need some more boy-coloured 8ply, I’m getting a bit bored with these two colours! LOL

Oh and on the wip front, I have only one sleeve to go on the nb cardy that I am making for my sister, so I might actually get that finished before baby arrives!  (which cannot be soon enough for my sister, who is over being preggie, hee hee).


Teeny tiny slippers!


Newborn slippers are so quick to make – especially when they are 8ply and in garter stitch!  These took no time to whip up, but sat around in my knitting bag for a week or two waiting to be sewn up (ugh!)  The sewing wasn’t hard or anything but I’ve never sewn garter stitch before and didn’t really know what to do, so I kinda winged it.  These are for my secretary Camilla, whose baby boy is due the day after my nephew is due.  I hope she doesn’t look too closely at the sewing! LOL

The pattern is Contrast Edge Slippers in Zoe Mellor’s 50 Baby Booties which I got out of the library.  I found the book a little disappointing – a lot of the booties are just variations of the same pattern (eg these slippers feature about 3 or 4 times with only a slight variation) and most of them are only given in one or two sizes (eg newborn size only, or 3-6 month only) which I thought was a bit slack really.  I thought if you go to the trouble of putting patterns in a book you could at least do the math for different sizes!

I have made another pair of booties from that book for Camilla, which have been waiting to be sewn up for about a week *blush*  I had better hurry up because this is her last week of work!



Doesn’t seeing a stash of cloth nappies like this just make ya feel all warm and fuzzy?  These are small serge-edged fitteds which Mum has just finished making for my sister’s bubba, who is due to make an appearance in about 2 weeks.  The outer fabric of most of them is cotton terry velour which I dyed with procion ages ago (if I could be bothered I’ll add a link to my dyeing post) and there are 5 in printed flannelette to make the stash up to 30.  The colour isn’t quite true in this photo, the reddish ones on the bottom left are actually burnt orange, and they are all much brighter IRL 🙂

So it was a bit of a family effort – I dyed, S cut them all out, she and I snapped them, and Mum had the hard part – I think she is a bit over sewing nappies now!  She won’t get too much of a break from them though, because the next job is making up a bunch of medium sized nappies, which will be pocket fitteds.

These all have an inner soaker of a couple of layers of cotton towelling velour, and a snap in soaker from 4 layers of hemp fleece topped with microfleece.  Thank you Jodie for lending us your snap press!  We made velcro closures rather than use snaps, because we just prefer it that way – and we find new dads prefer velcro too.


To make the snap in soaker quick to dry, each was made in two parts (two layers of hemp each) and just sewed together at the top.


First swim


A few days after my boat trip to watch the Louis Vuitton Regatta, A went fishing for the day and then phoned me at 5pm to ask if E and I wanted to come for a ride in the boat.  I figured that if I can handle 8 hours on the water in a big boat then I should be ok to handle an hour or two in a trailer boat, so E and I met him at the boat ramp.   It was a lovely evening so we motored to a nearby island.  It was so hot that we decided to anchor and go for a swim.  E loved it!!!

A took her for her first ever swim – she’s only ever paddled in paddling pools or go her ankles wet at the beach, but never had a proper swim before.  We kept her in her life jacket so that she could enjoy floating.  She giggled the whole time and loved it so much she was shaking with excitement 🙂



After her swim she made sand castles.  Now all she talks about is going for picnics and swimming and walking with her bare feet in the sand LOL


Flap your wings, just like a birdie…

Chirpy chirpy, chirpy cheep cheep!

The Wiggles’ chirpy birdie song has to be one of E’s favourites, she has always draped a blanket over her shoulders when it plays so that she can pretend she has wings.  Mum has been meaning to make her some wings for ages, and she has finally gotten around to it – prompted by the fact that yesterday Ellie was using a polar fleece blanket for wings while the temperature soared over 30 degrees!

So Mum used some thin  fabric to make some wings more appropriate for summer.  The wings were simple to make, just a poncho shape with feathers attached by glue gun.  Note that the feathers are purple!  Mum tacked a loop in the fabric on each side for Ellie to put her hands through.