Louis Vuitton Pacific Series

I’m not much of a boating person, despite my husband owning a trailer boat and being a mad keen fisherman.  I’d generally rather be out riding my horses than out on a boat, and my knowledge of yachting is next to nil.  But when my boss and I got invited out on the Oracle spectator boat on Thursday to watch the Louis Vuitton racing, I could hardly so no, could I!

The weather was stunning, so I spent a lovely day out, lounging around feeling lazy and enjoying it, and being waited on hand and foot.  Sigh, thats the life!  I didn’t bring my knitting with me cos I thought that might look rude, but as we waited for the wind to come up I wished I’d brought it with me!  So I passed the time learning how to do sudoku, one of the other ladies on board showed me the tricks of how to do it.

This is the boat we went out on:


We got very very close to the racing, which was pretty darn cool (even for someone not into yacht racing).  This is me watching the start of the Alinghi v Origin race.  That green marker is the start marker, how cool is that!


Alinghi (right) v Origin (left), just across the start line:


Alingi v Origin in front of Rangitoto (can you see the man up the mast?)


Team NZ (left) v Damiani (Italy) just before the start.  Unfortunately my camera battery died then, bah!



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