Flap your wings, just like a birdie…

Chirpy chirpy, chirpy cheep cheep!

The Wiggles’ chirpy birdie song has to be one of E’s favourites, she has always draped a blanket over her shoulders when it plays so that she can pretend she has wings.  Mum has been meaning to make her some wings for ages, and she has finally gotten around to it – prompted by the fact that yesterday Ellie was using a polar fleece blanket for wings while the temperature soared over 30 degrees!

So Mum used some thin  fabric to make some wings more appropriate for summer.  The wings were simple to make, just a poncho shape with feathers attached by glue gun.  Note that the feathers are purple!  Mum tacked a loop in the fabric on each side for Ellie to put her hands through.



3 thoughts on “Flap your wings, just like a birdie…

  1. I caught my daughter dancing to this song just once, since we have never been able to find it ever again. Is the title of The Wiggle’s Song – The Chripy Birdie Song, or is that what you just call it!

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