First swim


A few days after my boat trip to watch the Louis Vuitton Regatta, A went fishing for the day and then phoned me at 5pm to ask if E and I wanted to come for a ride in the boat.  I figured that if I can handle 8 hours on the water in a big boat then I should be ok to handle an hour or two in a trailer boat, so E and I met him at the boat ramp.   It was a lovely evening so we motored to a nearby island.  It was so hot that we decided to anchor and go for a swim.  E loved it!!!

A took her for her first ever swim – she’s only ever paddled in paddling pools or go her ankles wet at the beach, but never had a proper swim before.  We kept her in her life jacket so that she could enjoy floating.  She giggled the whole time and loved it so much she was shaking with excitement 🙂



After her swim she made sand castles.  Now all she talks about is going for picnics and swimming and walking with her bare feet in the sand LOL



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