Doesn’t seeing a stash of cloth nappies like this just make ya feel all warm and fuzzy?  These are small serge-edged fitteds which Mum has just finished making for my sister’s bubba, who is due to make an appearance in about 2 weeks.  The outer fabric of most of them is cotton terry velour which I dyed with procion ages ago (if I could be bothered I’ll add a link to my dyeing post) and there are 5 in printed flannelette to make the stash up to 30.  The colour isn’t quite true in this photo, the reddish ones on the bottom left are actually burnt orange, and they are all much brighter IRL 🙂

So it was a bit of a family effort – I dyed, S cut them all out, she and I snapped them, and Mum had the hard part – I think she is a bit over sewing nappies now!  She won’t get too much of a break from them though, because the next job is making up a bunch of medium sized nappies, which will be pocket fitteds.

These all have an inner soaker of a couple of layers of cotton towelling velour, and a snap in soaker from 4 layers of hemp fleece topped with microfleece.  Thank you Jodie for lending us your snap press!  We made velcro closures rather than use snaps, because we just prefer it that way – and we find new dads prefer velcro too.


To make the snap in soaker quick to dry, each was made in two parts (two layers of hemp each) and just sewed together at the top.



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