Teeny tiny slippers!


Newborn slippers are so quick to make – especially when they are 8ply and in garter stitch!  These took no time to whip up, but sat around in my knitting bag for a week or two waiting to be sewn up (ugh!)  The sewing wasn’t hard or anything but I’ve never sewn garter stitch before and didn’t really know what to do, so I kinda winged it.  These are for my secretary Camilla, whose baby boy is due the day after my nephew is due.  I hope she doesn’t look too closely at the sewing! LOL

The pattern is Contrast Edge Slippers in Zoe Mellor’s 50 Baby Booties which I got out of the library.  I found the book a little disappointing – a lot of the booties are just variations of the same pattern (eg these slippers feature about 3 or 4 times with only a slight variation) and most of them are only given in one or two sizes (eg newborn size only, or 3-6 month only) which I thought was a bit slack really.  I thought if you go to the trouble of putting patterns in a book you could at least do the math for different sizes!

I have made another pair of booties from that book for Camilla, which have been waiting to be sewn up for about a week *blush*  I had better hurry up because this is her last week of work!


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