Herringbone Booties


These were my favourite pattern suitable for boys in 50 Baby Booties, so I made them for Camilla.  I like the look of an old-fashioned bootie with a bit of lace, but of course the lace couldn’t be too girly.  I thought this herringbone lace was just perfect for a newborn baby boy 🙂  

The yarn is Cleckheaton Cocoon which is sooooooo soft, but split a little if I wasn’t careful.  I love the colour, which isn’t really true in these photos unfortunately.

The pattern is knit top down, with a ribbed ankle hidden under the turned down lace cuff.  It would be very easy to amend this pattern to any sort of lace you like – I’m looking forward to having a look through my lace stitch dictionary for some ideas! 



2 thoughts on “Herringbone Booties

  1. I have a couple of questions about this pattern. I don’t know if you’ll get this since you posted this photo a year ago, but if you do, let me know and I’ll ask you my questions. Thanks!

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