365 Giveaway!!!

Ages and ages ago Kimber had a giveaway on her blog.  The gist of it was, you leave a comment and she picks 3 people to send gifts to, on the condition that they do the same on their blog.  The gifter has 365 days to complete the three gifts, hence it being called a 365 Giveaway.

Anyway, I was one of the lucky recipients, and my pressie arrived yesterday!  Its a cute little covered notebook (very handy for the knitting bag), a needle book (sooooo cool!  How did you know I needed one of these Kimber?) and a little matching bag for stitchmarkers 🙂  Thankyou Kimber!  I love my gift 🙂 



 So now its my turn – leave me a comment on this post and next Thursday I will get E to randomly draw 3 names out of a hat, and I will send a wee something to the winners within 365 days (heh heh, no pressure there!)  By leaving a comment you are agreeing to the terms – ie that you have to do the same!  If you don’t have your own blog you can still enter, and when you get your pressie I’ll do a post here for your giveaway if you like.


11 thoughts on “365 Giveaway!!!

  1. What a Great idea, would love to participate
    :O( Dont have a blog though, BUT I love checking out other peoples, especially the crafty ones

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