Easter is coming!

And Mum has been doing a wee spot of knitting in preparation.  I found this cute Easter chick pattern the other day, and Mum whipped up a wee chick for Ellie. 


It fits a creme egg inside!


The blog that has this pattern also has a number of other free patterns and tutorials, including a knitted Easter basket – its worth having a look  🙂


FO: Sunday Market Shawl


I nicked some Patons Jet out of Mum’s stash and starting knitting this wrap for an online swap, but I gave Mum first dibs on it, since it was her yarn and her birthday is coming up.  We both loved how this yarn knitted up – it looks rather blah in the ball, but transformed when knitted to something really cool!   The pics don’t do it justice at all.

Its quite hairy yarn, and too scratchy for a scarf, but it seems to be perfect for a warm wrap.  Mum loves it so it ends up being her present after all – happy birthday Mum!

The cool thing about this FO was:

–  its the biggest thing I’ve ever knitted!  Its 170cm long (took 5 balls of Jet)

–  it was quick – only took me 2 weeks and that wasn’t non-stop knitting at all.  I didn’t knit every day and actually did quite a bit of reading, but when I did pick up the needles this thing just zoomed off them.

–  it was stocking stitch so nice brainless late-night knitting.  But that actually kept me motivated because I couldn’t wait to see what it looked like once I dropped the stitches at the end.  It took me a while to unravel all the dropped stitches because the yarn is a bit hairy, but it was so cool to see it transform as the pattern appeared!


I didn’t end up blocking it because its huge and I’m lazy LOL



Ellie LOVES her new cousin Jasper, she thinks he is “booful”


In these pics he is sitting on her lap on a boppy pillow, she loved being able to cuddle him!


And yes, the funky wrap he is wearing was dyed by yours truly. 

Here he is on his first day home in his hammock, in another wrap dyed by moi.  Yes, lots of sleeping pics – but I haven’t seen him awake yet!


A family effort


I call this a family effort cos:

my sister made the baby

my nana (Jasper’s great-grandma, he is about her 26th great-grandkid I expect) made the hat

my mum made the cardigan

I made the booties!

The cardy is huge because its a 3 month size – Mum made it for Jasper for this winter.  She finished seaming it on the day he was born and took it into the hospital to give to my sister.  We’d told my sis that the hospital would be warm and she’d only need cotton clothes for baby, but it was actually cooler than anticipated and he ended up wearing his woolly cardy as it was the only really warm stuff she had.  So he’s been wearing it from day 1 and it swims on him, but Mum is chuffed 🙂

Its a pattern I’ve always had my eye on, its the Sideways Rib Cardigan from Cleckheaton 10 Simple Baby Knits in 8ply.  Mum made it with in Cleckheaton Country, so its really warm and snuggly.


FO: minty cardy

Its finished at last! 


 I got a real mental block about this project, I ended up hating it and gave it to Mum this morning to attach the sleeves because I was just OVER IT.    She’s finished it and pressed it for me already!

I found the pattern difficult as it was not detailed enough – I like to be told exactly what to do and where, and I ran into problems because the pattern wasn’t as specific as I’d like.  Eg with the neck shaping it just said to decrease 1 each end of certain rows (not what stitch to use or where precisely).  Now when I make soakers I decrease 1 stitch in from the edge so I just did that, but it turns out that now you can see the shaping on the neckline and it looks DUMB so I won’t do that again.  It also said stuff like when you get to x number of stitches “work 2 more rows” and “next row cast off 5 stitches”.  Ie it didn’t give enough clues about whether I was on a knit row or a purl row so of course on one side front I got it wrong so that when I went to sew up the shoulder seams it was shaped the wrong way on one side and required frogging and re-doing.  I know its just my inexperience with this sort of knitting that caused the problem but grrrrrrrr! I hate it when stuff isn’t perfect!


I do like the wool though, the colour is fresher and mintier in real life (the hat picture a couple of posts down is more true to colour)  and the yarn feels lovely and isn’t splitty – its Utiku baby 4ply.  My 100g ball has made the cardy and hat and there is enough left for a pair of booties (at least). 

The pattern was in the Panda #205 Adorable Baby Knits book.  There are other cute tops in there that I would like to make, but this one has put me off a bit!  I found that I ended up not wanting to pick up the needles and work on it cos that meant having to figure out the pattern.  Next time I will try a top-down seamless sort of baby top, and learn a bit more about top construction before I venture back to this book.