FO: wee newborn beanie

Q:  Whats even more satisfying to knit than newborn booties?

A:  Newborn hats!

They are both cute, tiny and quick, but you only have to make one hat at a time 🙂

Yesterday I was supposed to be sewing up the wee cardigan I’m working on, but instead I got the hat bug and whipped up a teeny tiny beanie instead.  Its from the same ball of Utiku baby 4ply as the cardy, so will be a nice little set for the nephew-to-be-who-has-passed-his-due-date-and-had-better-hurry-up!

I used my 3.25mm 30cm addis turbo needle, which is just the perfect size for knitting tiny hats (only plain ones though, you can’t do lacework with short needles like that).  I hope my sister likes it!



3 thoughts on “FO: wee newborn beanie

  1. Yeah ya can, its just a little fiddly and sore on the hands lol I do my baby hats on them incl cables, its certainly an interesting experience! Love the hat, simple but cute 😀

  2. Thanks Natalie. I have tried the vine lace baby hat on them before but gave up, I think it was the ssk that got too tricky, cos the needles are always at an angle. I’d rather do magic loop on something lacey I think.

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