FO: minty cardy

Its finished at last! 


 I got a real mental block about this project, I ended up hating it and gave it to Mum this morning to attach the sleeves because I was just OVER IT.    She’s finished it and pressed it for me already!

I found the pattern difficult as it was not detailed enough – I like to be told exactly what to do and where, and I ran into problems because the pattern wasn’t as specific as I’d like.  Eg with the neck shaping it just said to decrease 1 each end of certain rows (not what stitch to use or where precisely).  Now when I make soakers I decrease 1 stitch in from the edge so I just did that, but it turns out that now you can see the shaping on the neckline and it looks DUMB so I won’t do that again.  It also said stuff like when you get to x number of stitches “work 2 more rows” and “next row cast off 5 stitches”.  Ie it didn’t give enough clues about whether I was on a knit row or a purl row so of course on one side front I got it wrong so that when I went to sew up the shoulder seams it was shaped the wrong way on one side and required frogging and re-doing.  I know its just my inexperience with this sort of knitting that caused the problem but grrrrrrrr! I hate it when stuff isn’t perfect!


I do like the wool though, the colour is fresher and mintier in real life (the hat picture a couple of posts down is more true to colour)  and the yarn feels lovely and isn’t splitty – its Utiku baby 4ply.  My 100g ball has made the cardy and hat and there is enough left for a pair of booties (at least). 

The pattern was in the Panda #205 Adorable Baby Knits book.  There are other cute tops in there that I would like to make, but this one has put me off a bit!  I found that I ended up not wanting to pick up the needles and work on it cos that meant having to figure out the pattern.  Next time I will try a top-down seamless sort of baby top, and learn a bit more about top construction before I venture back to this book.


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