A family effort


I call this a family effort cos:

my sister made the baby

my nana (Jasper’s great-grandma, he is about her 26th great-grandkid I expect) made the hat

my mum made the cardigan

I made the booties!

The cardy is huge because its a 3 month size – Mum made it for Jasper for this winter.  She finished seaming it on the day he was born and took it into the hospital to give to my sister.  We’d told my sis that the hospital would be warm and she’d only need cotton clothes for baby, but it was actually cooler than anticipated and he ended up wearing his woolly cardy as it was the only really warm stuff she had.  So he’s been wearing it from day 1 and it swims on him, but Mum is chuffed 🙂

Its a pattern I’ve always had my eye on, its the Sideways Rib Cardigan from Cleckheaton 10 Simple Baby Knits in 8ply.  Mum made it with in Cleckheaton Country, so its really warm and snuggly.



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