FO: Sunday Market Shawl


I nicked some Patons Jet out of Mum’s stash and starting knitting this wrap for an online swap, but I gave Mum first dibs on it, since it was her yarn and her birthday is coming up.  We both loved how this yarn knitted up – it looks rather blah in the ball, but transformed when knitted to something really cool!   The pics don’t do it justice at all.

Its quite hairy yarn, and too scratchy for a scarf, but it seems to be perfect for a warm wrap.  Mum loves it so it ends up being her present after all – happy birthday Mum!

The cool thing about this FO was:

–  its the biggest thing I’ve ever knitted!  Its 170cm long (took 5 balls of Jet)

–  it was quick – only took me 2 weeks and that wasn’t non-stop knitting at all.  I didn’t knit every day and actually did quite a bit of reading, but when I did pick up the needles this thing just zoomed off them.

–  it was stocking stitch so nice brainless late-night knitting.  But that actually kept me motivated because I couldn’t wait to see what it looked like once I dropped the stitches at the end.  It took me a while to unravel all the dropped stitches because the yarn is a bit hairy, but it was so cool to see it transform as the pattern appeared!


I didn’t end up blocking it because its huge and I’m lazy LOL



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