FO: baby watchcap

I love a ribbed beanie on a wee baby – the stretch means that the hat can grow with the baby, so that it can last longer than a month or two.  I couldn’t find a 4ply pattern that I liked, and I wanted to use soft baby wool so I ended up finding a pattern for an 8ply hat and using two strands of 4 ply.  I used Cleckheaton Coccoon which is soooooooo soft! 


The pattern is Baby Watchcap that I found on Ravelry (will add a link later) and I *slightly* copied someone else’s project who had used Cleckheaton Coccoon and done a couple of stripes.  I thought the stripes looked cute!  (they aren’t Coccoon, they are just some random 4ply from my stash).  I was really pleased with how this hat turned out, its for Jasper and hopefully soon I can have some pics of it modelled by him rather than by Polly Dolly.


Now I want to make a larger version for Ash,  for when he gets out of hospital – he goes in tomorrow for his heart operation on Thursday.  He’ll be in there for 2-4 weeks and the weather will be getting colder when he gets out, so my plan this month is to whip him up a hat and a couple of pairs of longies for winter.


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