FO by Mum: Easter Duck Family

I know Easter is usually all about bunnies and chicks, but Ellie is all about ducks, so Mum made her this cute wee duck family as an Easter present.  They are from a Jean Greenhowe pattern and I think they are super cute!


Ellie loves them and has taken them to bed with her for the last 3 nights, ever since Mum gave them to her (along with about 4 other soft ducks – she is slightly obsessed with ducks!)  She has been having fun dressing them in her dolls clothes, because ducks need to wear dresses don’t you know?  Daddy Duck has been masquerading as a fairy princess, as daddy ducks are wont to do 🙂

In other news – today was to have been the day of Ash’s big operation, but his white cell blood count is low so it has been delayed a week or two.  Its nerve-wracking for his poor parents!


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