FO: Lavender Lacy Scarf

My first ever scarf!  I sensibly started with a kiddie- sized version 🙂


I felt like a complete nana knitting lace in lavender, but purple is E’s favourite colour and 80% of her tops are purple, so it was the only colour I could knit her really!  I have actually started discouraging her pretending to be Jeff Wiggle, it had been going on for over a year and was showing no signs of abating, so I have told her she can only pretend to be Jeff sometimes and not every. single. day. 


The pattern is Lacy Ascot which I will do a link to when I get around to it.  Its actually written for 8ply but I used Cleckheaton Merino Bambino in 4ply, which was on special for $3 per 25g ball at my LYS.  I got 2 balls and just kept knitting until I’d finished them, which gave me a scarfette 12cm x 90cm.  I could have made it a wee bit longer but was keen to cast off and start something new, and I figure E will probably manage to stretch it anyway.  The yarn is lovely and soft, I enjoyed knitting with it (other than the colour).


There is a story about the Barbie – E is 3 in June and I was determined to get rid of her dummies before her birthday.  She only has them in bed at night but insists on 3 of them – one for each hand plus one for her mouth.  So for the last few weeks we have been talking about how dummies are only for babies, and how big girls don’t have dummies.  Then I introduced the idea of trading her dummies for a Barbie, and she liked that idea.  So after talking about it for a couple of weeks to let her get her head around it, I bought her a Barbie (in a purple dress of course) and we traded it for her dummies.  I rummaged through my house and Mum’s and unearthed 9 of the blinking things!  Anyway she is very pleased with her trade, and two nights on we haven’t had too many troubles.  Once in bed we had a few brief tears and she did ask for something for her hands and something for her mouth but she hasn’t requested her dummies back so I’m very pleased with her.


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