Update on Ash

My other nephew Ash, who is now 8 months old, had major heart surgery on Tuesday this week, and is recovering well at Starship Hospital 🙂  We expect he will be there for another couple of weeks.

Here he is in hospital the night before his big op:

Ash Tues


Jas the Chatterbox

10 week old Jasper is apparently a total chatterbox.  Here he is chatting to his dad:


Thats how I felt when this happened on Saturday:


My poor car!  Thankfully E and I are fine 🙂   We came around a corner to find the rural postie’s ute on our side of the road, she was zigzagging across the road and cutting the corner *frowns*.  The front right of the ute took out my car, there was no room for me to pull over or stop in time.

I’d never been in a car crash before, its scary to realise that there is nothing I could have done to prevent it.  We are just lucky both vehicles were driving slowly (I drive like a nana at the best of times, and this was a pot-holey gravel road).

FO: Citrus

I actually finished this last week but I’ve been waiting to show it here because it was part of my Mothers Day Swap and I wanted the recipient to get it before I posted.  Yes I was a little late for Mothers Day but I don’t think my recipient minded too much (I hope!)

The pattern is Easy Ribbed Lace Scarf which  was sooooooo easy – just a 4 stitch pattern repeat which was good because I ended up knitting this at night when I was tired and I needed something that I could do quickly and without too much thought.  Even then, it still took me a bit longer to finish than I had anticipated, I haven’t had a lot of knitting time lately.


The yarn is Cleckheaton Bamboo which I love love love, its sooooo smooth and perfect for scarves.  OK so its not a warm woolly scarf, more of an accessory sort of scarf, but the recipient lives in the “winterless” north so I don’t imagine a woolly scarf would have gotten much use anyway.  Its 4 ply, so I cast on 4 more stitches than the pattern called for and then just kept knitting until it was 140cm.  That took less than 2x 50g balls and I could probably have kept going until the end of the 2nd ball and made it a foot longer, but I was in a hurry to post it.

Its called Citrus because that was the theme of my swap (it wasn’t a themed swap but I do like themed gifts!)  I added some Lindt dark/orange choccie, some mandarin herbal tea and some orange lip balm 🙂


Please excuse the terrible photography, I was in a hurry and using Mum’s camera and… yeah, not a good result.  So you have to take my word for it that the scarf looks about 50 times better IRL than it does in the pics.

FO by Sally: Aviatrix baby hats

So it turns out that the baby watchcap I made for Jasper tends to pop off his head – doh!  Jasper isn’t all that keen on hats anyway it seems, but its getting cold and his little noggin needs to stay warm, so Sally has made a couple of wee helmets for him that stay on.  These are knit on flats and have short rows.  She used Cleckheaton Country for both I think (her Ravelry projects page has some more details).




That one was a little on the small side so she made a bigger one:



Mission achieved: one toasty warm little boy!

Mothers Day Swap

A group of online mummy  friends decided to do a Mothers Day Swap, the idea being that the swap arrives prior to Mothers Day but we all wait until Mothers Day to open them – that way we can be sure of actually getting a Mothers Day pressie.  Plus with the added bonus that mothers know best what a mum wants for a pressie – while E got me a DVD of Elizabeth and Pride and Prejudice (yay!) other mums I know did not fare so well with gifts from the kids  (one lovely lady I know got presented with ugly tea towels by her hubby and 3yo son, how neat for her.)

My swap turned up on Saturday in mysterious circumstances – left in my back porch by a sneaky swapper!  They must have been very very sneaky because I live miles away from anywhere on a no-exit farm road and I usually hear every car that goes past.  So I don’t know how my swapper managed to leave the gift without either me or A noticing!

My gift was awesome, and just so very me.  I got a novel (I read heaps), some beautiful cabled wristwarmers (I have a thing for cabled wristwarmers)  and some gorgeous lace-weight yarn that is destined to be a wrap (a current knitting obsession, after doing a wrap for Mum and as scarf for E). 



The yarn is mohair/merino and its soooooo fine – I’ve never knit with 2ply before but I’m looking forward to it!  Its so lovely 🙂

I think the wristwarmers are Cleckheaton Country Naturals, and they are just delicious.  I think they are Evangeline, but I could be mistaken. Could only model one for the pic of course, because I was home alone with E.  Now I’m wondering if I should make the braided cable wristwarmers suggested for my Magic Yarn Ball swap or use that yarn for something else – I have to decide quick though because I want to hurry up and knit the MYB yarn asap to get to the goodies inside!  Does anyone have any ideas with what I should do with 100g of 8ply?  Maybe I should make myself a beanie, I do need one.


FO by Mum: pinafore

Mum just finished this wee dress for E, its an old fashioned pattern but I think its quite cute (even if E is looking bored!)


And since Mum had to learn to applique in the weekend when I made her do it on my yarn bags, she’s not afraid to try it again.  Look at the cute wee flower detail!