Magic Yarn Ball swap!

Yesterday I had a visitor all the way from Brisbane – Kelly of Knit So Quaint is over in Auckland for a few days and she and her kidlets and young sister came to visit for Sunday lunch, which was lovely 🙂  Kelly and I “met” online and although we chat all the time online and by email, I’ve only actually met her IRL once,  so it was really neat to see her again!   Plus she bought a bag of goodies to show me, including Phoenix and a pair of her new Looking Glass Longies and her latest wip Rainbow Bird and La Cumparsita and ooooh I got got to fondle all the lovely yarny goodness.

She bought me a pressie – 100g of gorgeous hand-dyed sock yarn.  I can’t remember the brand cos I”m hopeless, will have to update this post when I get home and check.  Its soooo soft and lovely and I am looking forward to using it to knit my first ever socks!


She also hand-delivered to me a swap from someone else, for a Magic Yarn Ball swap that she has organised online.  Basically a Magic Yarn Ball is a ball of hand-dyed yarn with all sorts of goodies in it, you have to knit the yarn to release the wee gifts inside.  I got 100g of 8ply dyed in shades of teal:


Check out the wee gifts!  There are a couple of cute stitch markers and some wee knitting needles for E, which she will love.


The pattern suggested is a pair of gorgeous cabled wristwarmers, which I’ve had my eye on for a while actually!  I’m really looking forward to knitting something just for me.  Thank you LEAH!!!!!



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