FO: Magic Yarn Ball

My MYB swap recipient was Kelly, so I gave her MYB to her when she visited the other day 🙂

She is an “autumn” sort of person – she likes greens and oranges and yellows and reds, and she wanted yarn for a beanie.  So I dyed 100g of Cleckheaton Country 12ply with forest green Americolour gel, and I was very pleased with the way it turned out.  Here it is all wound up with pressies in it – it turned out quite big!


Kelly decided to knit a Foliage  beanie with it, and very kindly did it that same night and took photos of the goodies inside, since I’d neglected to take any before I knitted it up.  It only used 50g so she has enough left over for another hat or something else.  Here is her beanie before she sewed the ends in:



And here is all the goodies inside it – I got all green stuff to go with the wool (well except the darning needles, hard to link them with a theme):


Mum helped me make 4x drawstring yarn bags (about A4 size) and gamely tried out applique for the first time at my request:


But the piece de resistance (IMO) was the felt pincushion I made – all that buttonhole stitch took me ages but I was soooooooo pleased with the result!   I don’t know if Kelly does much sewing but I figure she can keep her blocking pins in it when she isn’t using them to block shawls.  The wee tree and butterfly and matryoshka are just pinned on top for decoration, or to keep little fingers busy while mummy is blocking shawls 🙂





3 thoughts on “FO: Magic Yarn Ball

  1. I too have magic yarn ball envy, that is fantastic. The yarn beautiful, and that pin cushion, WOW love it. That is an amazing gift, lucky Kelly

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