Mothers Day Swap

A group of online mummy  friends decided to do a Mothers Day Swap, the idea being that the swap arrives prior to Mothers Day but we all wait until Mothers Day to open them – that way we can be sure of actually getting a Mothers Day pressie.  Plus with the added bonus that mothers know best what a mum wants for a pressie – while E got me a DVD of Elizabeth and Pride and Prejudice (yay!) other mums I know did not fare so well with gifts from the kids  (one lovely lady I know got presented with ugly tea towels by her hubby and 3yo son, how neat for her.)

My swap turned up on Saturday in mysterious circumstances – left in my back porch by a sneaky swapper!  They must have been very very sneaky because I live miles away from anywhere on a no-exit farm road and I usually hear every car that goes past.  So I don’t know how my swapper managed to leave the gift without either me or A noticing!

My gift was awesome, and just so very me.  I got a novel (I read heaps), some beautiful cabled wristwarmers (I have a thing for cabled wristwarmers)  and some gorgeous lace-weight yarn that is destined to be a wrap (a current knitting obsession, after doing a wrap for Mum and as scarf for E). 



The yarn is mohair/merino and its soooooo fine – I’ve never knit with 2ply before but I’m looking forward to it!  Its so lovely 🙂

I think the wristwarmers are Cleckheaton Country Naturals, and they are just delicious.  I think they are Evangeline, but I could be mistaken. Could only model one for the pic of course, because I was home alone with E.  Now I’m wondering if I should make the braided cable wristwarmers suggested for my Magic Yarn Ball swap or use that yarn for something else – I have to decide quick though because I want to hurry up and knit the MYB yarn asap to get to the goodies inside!  Does anyone have any ideas with what I should do with 100g of 8ply?  Maybe I should make myself a beanie, I do need one.



5 thoughts on “Mothers Day Swap

  1. ohhhhh thanks Leah! I’m thinking I might use your lovely wool for a Cheeky slouch hat and fingerless gloves for E. I can’t wait to start knitting it, only I have to get a pair of longies off my needles first so that I can use them for the hat! (grrrr, trying to be disciplined)

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