FO: Magic Meret



I used my Magic Yarn Ball swap yarn at last!  It seemed appropriate to make a Meret, which I believed is shortened from “Mystery Beret”, and as the goodies inside the MYB were a mystery I thought it fit nicely.  Except that I cheated and rewound the MYB and got the goodies out before I started knitting *blush*.


The pattern is for 10ply and my yarn is 8ply, so I figured it would downsize nicely for E on 4mm needles.  I cast on for the largest size and didn’t do any repeats.  When I finished it looked TINY and I thought it would only fit a baby, I figured I’d have to just put it away in my gift stash until I found a baby girl to give it to.  So I soaked it in water for a while and then blocked the snot out of it on a dinner plate.  And it worked!  The lace opened out nicely, and it turned into a nice big slouchy beret for E (it even fits me!)


I absolutely love the yarn, the colour variations are quite subtle but look really neat and don’t overwhelm the lace.  The top pic is the most true to colour.  I’ll have to take a pic of all the goodies that were inside the MYB!


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