FO: Surprise Bootees


Well I haven’t blogged in ages, largely because the knitting has all but ceased for the moment!  But I did finish these bootees a week or so ago, and I thought I’d better finally get around to posting about them.  The reason that the knitting isn’t happening, is because lately I have been battling morning sickness that is actually all day and all night sickness, and I simply haven’t had the motivation or energy to pick up the needles.  Plus I’ve been so tired that I’ve been going to bed at least an hour and a half early, which effectively cuts out my weekday knitting time too.   Yep I’m expecting a wee arrival in March next year 🙂  But I’m sure that soon enough I will want to be knitting again – I strongly suspect it will be all baby related though! 

Before the morning sickness misery kicked in I started a pair of wee bootees for my stash – I figure that if my wee addition doesn’t wear pink then they can be gifted to a bubba who does.  The pattern is from a Shepherd booklet, but the print quality is poor and its really hard to tell from the picture what the finished bootees look like.  I glanced at the pattern and figured that they would be some sort of lace so I just cast on and got going.  So I was rather surprised when I got to the ankle and discovered that there were cables between the lace!   Well that taught me to read a pattern through before starting!

The lace is sort of twisty too and looks a bit like holey wiggly cables.  They definately turned out a bit fancier than I expected, but the pattern was really easy (2 needles, sole up) and I will definately be using it again – which is good because if I had known that there were cables before I started, I probably wouldn’t have made them.  I also discovered that I like a garter stitch sole because then it can be easily stitched without a lumpy seam, its much tidier than a stocking stitch sole that has been seamed with mattress stitch.

My Barbie princess

E got yet another costume from Nana C in the weekend, this time its a princess dress based loosely on a Barbie dress worn by one of E’s dolls.  Naturally it is purple 🙂   The gold fabric has a kind of purple sheen too. 


It fits E perfectly and she loves it, she even wore it to Mainly Music yesterday.  Because its ok to do that sort of thing when you are 3.  Of course it is still cold, so she is wearing a skivvy too.  And a tiara, because all every princess should have a tiara.