My Barbie princess

E got yet another costume from Nana C in the weekend, this time its a princess dress based loosely on a Barbie dress worn by one of E’s dolls.  Naturally it is purple 🙂   The gold fabric has a kind of purple sheen too. 


It fits E perfectly and she loves it, she even wore it to Mainly Music yesterday.  Because its ok to do that sort of thing when you are 3.  Of course it is still cold, so she is wearing a skivvy too.  And a tiara, because all every princess should have a tiara.



2 thoughts on “My Barbie princess

  1. Hi, this is kind of random, but I’m looking at christmas tree costumes for Halloween and came across a picture of your little girl in a Christams tree dress. It’s so cute and I just wondered if you might be able to give me directions on how to make it or something similar possibly (in a bigger size)? Is it easy to do? I appreciate any info you might have! I love the little headband also…that was made as well?

    Thanks so much!

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