FO: Surprise Bootees


Well I haven’t blogged in ages, largely because the knitting has all but ceased for the moment!  But I did finish these bootees a week or so ago, and I thought I’d better finally get around to posting about them.  The reason that the knitting isn’t happening, is because lately I have been battling morning sickness that is actually all day and all night sickness, and I simply haven’t had the motivation or energy to pick up the needles.  Plus I’ve been so tired that I’ve been going to bed at least an hour and a half early, which effectively cuts out my weekday knitting time too.   Yep I’m expecting a wee arrival in March next year 🙂  But I’m sure that soon enough I will want to be knitting again – I strongly suspect it will be all baby related though! 

Before the morning sickness misery kicked in I started a pair of wee bootees for my stash – I figure that if my wee addition doesn’t wear pink then they can be gifted to a bubba who does.  The pattern is from a Shepherd booklet, but the print quality is poor and its really hard to tell from the picture what the finished bootees look like.  I glanced at the pattern and figured that they would be some sort of lace so I just cast on and got going.  So I was rather surprised when I got to the ankle and discovered that there were cables between the lace!   Well that taught me to read a pattern through before starting!

The lace is sort of twisty too and looks a bit like holey wiggly cables.  They definately turned out a bit fancier than I expected, but the pattern was really easy (2 needles, sole up) and I will definately be using it again – which is good because if I had known that there were cables before I started, I probably wouldn’t have made them.  I also discovered that I like a garter stitch sole because then it can be easily stitched without a lumpy seam, its much tidier than a stocking stitch sole that has been seamed with mattress stitch.


4 thoughts on “FO: Surprise Bootees

  1. Thanks Gabes 🙂
    Kelly I think I will do a Felix cardy, that way I can ask you for advice if I get stuck since you are a Felix expert!

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