FO by Sally: weeny soakers

Well I’ve still been really slack lately on the knitting front, but I am having my anatomy scan tomorrow and if I find out what colour to knit then I might get more enthusiastic!

In the meantime, E has been asking for me to make a soaker to fit her furreal kitten, one with a hole for a tail.  I mumbled that I’d do it and then promptly forgot about it, so Super Auntie Sally stepped in and whipped up this cute wee soaker in next to no time!


Its a punk knitters one that she has done on DPNs, and of course has a suitable hole for kitty’s tail.  Its purple cos E loves purple, and I suspect that it is actually Woolganic merino so Pippy kitty now has a very comfy and warm bottie!


When Auntie S delivered the wee soaker, E was so happy that Super Auntie sat down and whipped up this wee cutie for Duckie:


Duckie has featured here before, and is only 4 inches or so tall from toes to head, so this is one tiny soaker!  Again punk knitters style (I think!) on dpns, and Auntie S has even picked up stitches for the leg cuffs, which turn it into a weeny pair of shorties!







One thought on “FO by Sally: weeny soakers

  1. Yup, it was left over woolganic. The only purple stuff I had and I didn’t have enough to do anything else with it. I was rather pleased with how they turned out.

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