Mini picnic tables

In contrast with my wee knitted decorations, my husband’s christmas crafting was on a much larger scale!  He made 3 of these awesome mini picnic tables in December – one for Tammy’s bump, one for nephew Jasper (9 months) and one for nephew Ash (15 months).  He painted Ash and Jasper’s tables, and Tammy’s hubby stained theirs to match their outdoor furniture.

They are made from decking timber, with the ridged side up on the edges of the table and seats for grip as little people climb onto and off them.  As you can see from E modelling, they will last the littlies a fair few years! Each one would fit 4 preschoolers 🙂  They are all screwed and glued and even have a hole for a wee sun umbrella.


Christmas crafting

Some of my online friends did a christmas decoration swap.  You could either buy or make the decoration, and I was going to be lazy and just buy one but 2 days before the deadline I was suddenly hit with inspiration and decided to make mine.  Which was dumb really, cos  it took me 2 weeks and my swap was waaaaaaaay late! *blush*

Anyway, here is what I made – not the best picture sorry!

The pattern is in a Jean Greenhowe toys book that I bought a couple of years back on Trade Me.  Santa and the Snowman are actually the same size, but in the pic Santa is closer to the camera.  Its hard to tell in the pic but Santa has wee loops of yarn for a moustache and fringe, which I thought made hime look pretty cool.  The Snowman has a red pompom on top of his hat like Santa’s, and after I took the photo I added a couple of french knot buttons to his tummy which made him look more finished.  They were a very quick knit but I procrastinated a bit about the sewing up, oops!  The hardest part was the faces, it was tricky getting the eyes right and I wasn’t100% happy with them but c’est la vie.

I made this Angel for E too.  As with the swap decos, the hardest part was getting her eyes right.  I must have redone them 5 times and I was still not happy but gave up.  I did a french knot for her mouth and wish I hadn’t cos it looks like she is pouting or poking her tongue out… oh well.  Her halo is a sparkly hair-tie of E’s, which was a clever idea of my mum’s (in the book it called for gold braid but I didn’t have any).

FO by Sally: candy cane soaker

With Christmas looming, my sister decided to get into the spirit of things and make J a Christmas soaker, so she whipped this up yesterday (yes in one day, she knits so darn quick!)

She says the colours are brighter IRL than in the photos.  I hadn’t noticed before I blogged this, but now I can see his top has wee Santas on it too 🙂

But Sally has been busy

While I have been reading and sleeping through my 2nd trimester and knitting the odd bootie, my sister has been industriously churning out knitting for J.  She’s whipped up a pair of shorties for him(my pattern I assume):

I’ll have to ask her what the wool is.  I may be a very biased proud auntie, but I think J is looking super cute at the moment!  9 months is such a cute age.

Sally has also made what looks to me like a pair of punk knitters soakers:

and had a go at some embellishment 🙂

I have to add this pic taken today with Santa at the local Plunket christmas party, just cos it cracks me up!

E tells me she is not scared of Santa now, and given that she has met 4 Santas in the last week, I think its fair to say she is completely over being shy of Santa (thank goodness!)

FO: Teeny Weeny Beanie

Oops, long time no post!  I have whipped up a couple of pairs of booties in the meantime, but nothing I haven’t done before so not really worth showing (not until I dye them anyway).

Last week I decided to start on hats, so I started with this newborn size ribbed beanie.  (will add a link to pattern soon).  It was quick and easy to work on 30cm circulars, and is supposed to fit a 7-9lb bubba – well it just fits a baby born doll anyway!  I probably won’t make this pattern again, I didn’t like the way the crown shaping was all knit stitches (yeah, I’m fussy).

Next up I have a cable beanie in mind, and I’ve just remembered that I’ve always wanted to make a baby shedir – watch this space…