But Sally has been busy

While I have been reading and sleeping through my 2nd trimester and knitting the odd bootie, my sister has been industriously churning out knitting for J.  She’s whipped up a pair of shorties for him(my pattern I assume):

I’ll have to ask her what the wool is.  I may be a very biased proud auntie, but I think J is looking super cute at the moment!  9 months is such a cute age.

Sally has also made what looks to me like a pair of punk knitters soakers:

and had a go at some embellishment 🙂

I have to add this pic taken today with Santa at the local Plunket christmas party, just cos it cracks me up!

E tells me she is not scared of Santa now, and given that she has met 4 Santas in the last week, I think its fair to say she is completely over being shy of Santa (thank goodness!)


2 thoughts on “But Sally has been busy

  1. The shorties are Patons Inca, which was super hard to knit with because it was so thick. But my short rows were really good and I think the thickness of the wool helped. The soakers are Cleckeaton Country Wide.

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