Christmas crafting

Some of my online friends did a christmas decoration swap.  You could either buy or make the decoration, and I was going to be lazy and just buy one but 2 days before the deadline I was suddenly hit with inspiration and decided to make mine.  Which was dumb really, cos  it took me 2 weeks and my swap was waaaaaaaay late! *blush*

Anyway, here is what I made – not the best picture sorry!

The pattern is in a Jean Greenhowe toys book that I bought a couple of years back on Trade Me.  Santa and the Snowman are actually the same size, but in the pic Santa is closer to the camera.  Its hard to tell in the pic but Santa has wee loops of yarn for a moustache and fringe, which I thought made hime look pretty cool.  The Snowman has a red pompom on top of his hat like Santa’s, and after I took the photo I added a couple of french knot buttons to his tummy which made him look more finished.  They were a very quick knit but I procrastinated a bit about the sewing up, oops!  The hardest part was the faces, it was tricky getting the eyes right and I wasn’t100% happy with them but c’est la vie.

I made this Angel for E too.  As with the swap decos, the hardest part was getting her eyes right.  I must have redone them 5 times and I was still not happy but gave up.  I did a french knot for her mouth and wish I hadn’t cos it looks like she is pouting or poking her tongue out… oh well.  Her halo is a sparkly hair-tie of E’s, which was a clever idea of my mum’s (in the book it called for gold braid but I didn’t have any).


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