Mini picnic tables

In contrast with my wee knitted decorations, my husband’s christmas crafting was on a much larger scale!  He made 3 of these awesome mini picnic tables in December – one for Tammy’s bump, one for nephew Jasper (9 months) and one for nephew Ash (15 months).  He painted Ash and Jasper’s tables, and Tammy’s hubby stained theirs to match their outdoor furniture.

They are made from decking timber, with the ridged side up on the edges of the table and seats for grip as little people climb onto and off them.  As you can see from E modelling, they will last the littlies a fair few years! Each one would fit 4 preschoolers 🙂  They are all screwed and glued and even have a hole for a wee sun umbrella.


One thought on “Mini picnic tables

  1. What an awesome idea. I am on maternity leave from Bunnings at the moment and have often looked at the decking timber we sell and think that if it was used upside down (ridged side up) it’s be great for lots more things than just decking.

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