Redondo skirt

My mum made this redondo skirt for E last week ūüôā¬† ‘scuse the messy hair and silly face!


Newborn nappies

Mum has been busy sewing nappies for me!¬† Bubs isn’t due until late March, but my Mum isn’t one to let grass grow under her feet and she has been very industrious in the last week (well she doesn’t have E under her feet all day so perhaps she was just making the most of her “holiday).

I cut out these newborn nappies some time ago (read a couple of years ago!) and its so neat to see them all made up ūüôā¬† They are a fitted nappy with a snap-in soaker and if I could remember the name of the pattern I would tell you… ummm, its a purchased pattern from the¬† US… I’m sure the name will come to me eventually.¬† They fit up to 12pounds I believe.

There are 30 of them (hee hee!) but they don’t have the snap-in soakers in the picture.¬† The blue, brown and lavender are cotton¬†velour, the red, aqua and¬†blue print¬†are some random stretchy stuff I picked up cheap somewhere ¬†and the mottly one at the front is dyed towelling velour. ¬†They have¬†one inner layer made of an old sheet to which an internal soaker of 2 layers of hemp is sewn.¬† Some of them have suedecloth lining but most are microfleece.

Because I am also having 30 small sized nappies of the same pattern, I cut the snap-in soaker midway between the nb and small sizes so that I could use them in both.¬† These have one layer of towelling velour (the scraps from cutting out the small nappies!) and 3 layers of hemp, topped with microfleece.¬† For quick drying¬† these are in two parts – Mum has overlocked around 1 hemp + 1 towelling, and then around 2 hemp and the microfleece liner, and then just sewn them together at the top.¬† She’s done about 12 of these so far but is waiting for me to cut out the rest of the hemp, which is my job for this weekend!¬†¬† In the meantime she has started sewing the small nappies, which will make for a much more colourful picture because they are all hand-dyed cotton towelling velour.