FO: Newborn booties

I finished knitting these wee booties a while ago, but they sat around for a while waiting to be seamed and dyed.  I finally got around to that last weekend, and now have 3 pairs of  Treliske organic merino booties ready for the Squiggler.  The cords are just crochet chains.

I used a basic pattern in this Shepherd bootie booklet, definately a favourite of mine!

I wanted some strong colours, so used quite a lot of dye and dyed them in jars in the microwave.  This achieved a slightly mottled result which I like.  The blue is Wiltons azure blue, the teal is Americolor teal, and the green is a mixture of apple green food colouring from Spotlight and Americolor forest green.


FO: Lime ‘n Vanilla

When I found out that my friend Kelly of Knit So Quaint is hosting a February KAL on a NZ/Aussie Ravelry Group with her interestingly constructed soaker pattern “Vanilla”, I decided I’d better get a copy of the pattern and join in.  Believe it or not, I haven’t knit a soaker in over a year!

The green yarn is Woolganic with Treliske for the cream stripes.  So it was just lovely to knit – all organic merino YUM!  The colour in the bottom pic is probably the most true.

The interesting part of the construction of course is the provisional cast on which eliminates the need for kitchener stitch (the top part is knit in the round).  It was my first ever PCOS and I have to confess I found it just as fiddly as kitchener stitch, but it wasn’t until I’d done it that I saw Kelly has posted a wee tutorial on her blog for an easier way of PCOS.

I did the nb size, its more of a 10lb nb than a teeny nb size according to Kelly.  As you can see, I’ve done the buttonhole for the fold-down waist (to accommodate the umbilical for really really new babes) but haven’t actually put the button on yet.  I love love love the stretchy ribbing crotch – lots of room there for cloth naps!

Baby Born was obviously very co-operative for my photographer (aka Mum) but in a month or so I should be able to get some action shots on a live model ;o)

Carousel Ride

On Saturday the council in Orewa had a “street party” to celebrate its new boulevard.  E saw the carousel horses and exclaimed that she wished she could have a ride…  She chose the “white horse”.  The whole thing would have benefited from a new coat of paint but E didn’t mind 🙂

FO: blue baby watchcap

Well I had half a ball of Cleckheaton Cotton Soft left after making the booties, so I decided to whip up a wee hat on Sunday to make a set.  Well, sort of a set since the patterns don’t exactly match.  I decided to use the Baby Watchcap pattern but since I did it on a 40cm circ (that was the only circ I had in 4.5mm) and the pattern calls for 66 stitches I cast on an extra 6 stitches so that the first couple of rounds wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.  In hindsight I should have done it on my 4mm 30cm needles, but you live and learn! 

I was thinking that if it came out big it didn’t matter cos it would fit baby at some point, except then I started running out of yarn…  The pattern is just 3×3 rib for 6 inches and then you do the crown decreases.  But I started to get worried about how much yarn I had left when it was only about 5 inches, so I decided to do the decreases then.  The result is a wide hat that is only short.   It will probably only fit a newborn with the brim folded up, except its probably too loose for a newborn.  sigh. 

Oh well, I’m not going to be offended if Tammy never uses it – its the thought that counts, right?  This is a crappy blurry picture but it shows how big it isn’t.  oops.

FO: Textured cuff booties

Well knitting for Squiggler this weekend was postponed, because my friend Tammy’s baby surprise arrived on Friday 🙂  I’d held off knitting anything for her until she discovered what colour, because I’m sure she has plenty of yellow and green and cream unisex stuff already.  So on Saturday I whipped up these wee BLUE booties from a ball of Cleckheaton Cotton Soft that I had lurking around.  Its darn hot so I figured only cotton would do – plus its quick to knit in 8ply!

Again, the colour isn’t great because I took the pic in the evening shadow, but you get the idea.  The pattern is from Zoe Mellor’s 50 Baby Bootees to Knit, which I got out of the library.

There are a few cute patterns in this book, but I find it really annoying that most are only given in one or two sizes – eg this pattern was only given in 3-6 month size. You’d thnk that if you are going to the trouble of printing a book you could at least give 3 different sizes for each pattern!

Anyway, the booties were quick to knit, although I made a pig’s ear of picking up stitches along the instep.  I think they are kinda ugly actually, but they are so wee that they look better IRL.  I used smaller needles than recommended because I wanted nb size booties.  I don’t think I’d use this pattern again to be honest, there are cuter bootie patterns out there.

I’m baaaa-aack!

I know I haven’t blogged much lately – largely because I haven’t been very crafty at all, hence not a lot to blog about!  But with just over 6 weeks until Squiggler is due, I’ve been motivated to do lots more knitting 🙂  Which means I need to get off my chuff and blog more too.

I’ll start by showing whats currently on my needles.  Its a nb size sideways rib cardy from this Cleckheaton book (actually its the pattern on the cover!):

I’m using some lovely hand-dyed sock wool that Kelly gifted me, its Evoke Shimmer (50% superwash merino/ 50% tencel) and its totally scrummy.  The colour isn’t so dark as the pic, which was taken in the evening in shadow.