FO: blue baby watchcap

Well I had half a ball of Cleckheaton Cotton Soft left after making the booties, so I decided to whip up a wee hat on Sunday to make a set.  Well, sort of a set since the patterns don’t exactly match.  I decided to use the Baby Watchcap pattern but since I did it on a 40cm circ (that was the only circ I had in 4.5mm) and the pattern calls for 66 stitches I cast on an extra 6 stitches so that the first couple of rounds wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.  In hindsight I should have done it on my 4mm 30cm needles, but you live and learn! 

I was thinking that if it came out big it didn’t matter cos it would fit baby at some point, except then I started running out of yarn…  The pattern is just 3×3 rib for 6 inches and then you do the crown decreases.  But I started to get worried about how much yarn I had left when it was only about 5 inches, so I decided to do the decreases then.  The result is a wide hat that is only short.   It will probably only fit a newborn with the brim folded up, except its probably too loose for a newborn.  sigh. 

Oh well, I’m not going to be offended if Tammy never uses it – its the thought that counts, right?  This is a crappy blurry picture but it shows how big it isn’t.  oops.


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