FO: Lime ‘n Vanilla

When I found out that my friend Kelly of Knit So Quaint is hosting a February KAL on a NZ/Aussie Ravelry Group with her interestingly constructed soaker pattern “Vanilla”, I decided I’d better get a copy of the pattern and join in.  Believe it or not, I haven’t knit a soaker in over a year!

The green yarn is Woolganic with Treliske for the cream stripes.  So it was just lovely to knit – all organic merino YUM!  The colour in the bottom pic is probably the most true.

The interesting part of the construction of course is the provisional cast on which eliminates the need for kitchener stitch (the top part is knit in the round).  It was my first ever PCOS and I have to confess I found it just as fiddly as kitchener stitch, but it wasn’t until I’d done it that I saw Kelly has posted a wee tutorial on her blog for an easier way of PCOS.

I did the nb size, its more of a 10lb nb than a teeny nb size according to Kelly.  As you can see, I’ve done the buttonhole for the fold-down waist (to accommodate the umbilical for really really new babes) but haven’t actually put the button on yet.  I love love love the stretchy ribbing crotch – lots of room there for cloth naps!

Baby Born was obviously very co-operative for my photographer (aka Mum) but in a month or so I should be able to get some action shots on a live model ;o)


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