Cable beanie again

Some bigger pictures this time – I love this hat!

The cardy he is wearing is actually one I made for Jasper, I think its size 1-3 months and is so huge I had to fold the cuffs over twice!


Vanilla Soaker modelled

Ok so the last shot wasn’t about the soaker, but I couldn’t resist – he’s so cute!¬† I haven’t done any knitting since he arrived and I have a wee nb hat on the needles with about an inch to go before I can cast off, so hopefully I’ll be back into the knitting soon ūüôā

FO by J: Rib Cardy

J blogged a month or so ago that she had a cardy on her needles.  Luckily, she managed to finish it just in time. 

IRL the colour is blue, not purple.¬† It is a perfect fit, even the arm length.¬† The yarn is a sock yarn but I don’t know what brand.¬† It is very soft and is perfect for the early autumn weather.¬† The temperature has just started to drop so he is going to be wearing it a lot.


FO by me: Cable Baby Beanie

Due to him being early and so small all the hats J has are too big for C.  Even the little minty one she knitted for Jas which he wore when he left hospital.  So I quickly whipped up a Cable Baby using the same pattern as the one I made for Jas in a previous post.  I started the crown decrease on the 5th cable turn instead of the 6th so it is a little smaller than the pattern.  The yarn is Patons Dreamtime 4 ply and it is lovely and soft baby wool.  C looks uber cute in this beanie.  It fits well at the moment but he still has room to grow into it.


FO: Baby Connor

J will not be on her blog for a week or so due to the early (and dramatic) arrival of her wee squiggler, now known as Connor.  J had to go to hospital urgently on Tuesday morning and was monitered during the day.  However, due to complications, she needed an emergency c-section on Tuesday evening and wee Connor arrived safely, weighing only 6 pounds 4 ounces.  He is teeny weeny and absolutely perfect.

E is an exceptionally proud big sister and constantly wants to cuddle and sing to him.  J is doing well and C is a healthy strong wee boy, despite his size.

I am a very proud auntie.  The pic of me holding him should show you how small he is.  Well, he is small to us as Jas and E were both a kilo heavier at birth!


NB: If you click on the photos they will get bigger.  I have never blogged before so I have no idea what I am doing.

FO: newborn wrap cardy

OK so lately this blog has shown a lot of FOs by other people, but I HAVE been still knitting myself, honest!¬† In the weekend I finally sewed up this wee newborn cardy for Squiggler, the knitting was finished a while ago but I’d put off the seaming because I had thought it would be hard – its only the 2nd cardy I’ve ever made and I got Mum to seam the first one!¬† But it turned out the seaming wasn’t so tricky after all, and I thought I did a reasonably tidy job of it actually.

As for the details:¬† the yarn is Cleckheaton Merino Bambino – a lovely wool/bamboo 4ply which is really soft and delicious.¬† I’m pretty sure it took 3x 25g balls for the cardy. ¬† The pattern is the Cross Over Cardigan¬†in the¬†Cleckheaton #951 Cocoon Baby booklet.¬† Squiggler is due to make his appearance¬†in 2 weeks, so hopefully soon I’ll have some modelled pictures to show off!

Look what arrived in the post!

I am so lucky, on Friday I got a lovely wee package in the post for Squiggler:

They were made by my clever friend Esther, from possum/merino yarn.¬† Aren’t they lovely!¬† They are going straight into Squiggler’s hospital bag.

I felt extra special¬†too because Esther has her own bump to knit for – well actually she no longer has a bump because her gorgeous wee boy arrived on Sunday!¬† (this is slightly scary for me because it means I’m next!)