FO by Sally: Cable beanie

Yet more knitting cleverness by Sally!  Yeah it seems like I post more of her stuff than mine lately, but hey she has more knitting time than me!  She says that Jas has bionic hearing and she can’t do anything that makes a noise while he sleeps, so she just chills and knits while he naps.  It must be nice!

Anyway, she’d picked up some Naturally Haven 4ply the other day (its so soft!) and decided to make an autumn weight hat for Jas.  I suggested this cable beanie pattern that I have lined up to make for Squiggler.  Typical Sally, she whipped the thing up in about a day – so quick!

I’m pretty sure she did it on a 40cm 3.25mm circular.  She says the pattern is super easy!

Jas looks a little tired – maybe he’d just woken up.  Sally says she did the child size in the pattern but did an extra cable repeat to get the length.  The colour in the pic below is the best apparently.  Its hard to believe the little guy is one in less than a week!


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