FO: newborn wrap cardy

OK so lately this blog has shown a lot of FOs by other people, but I HAVE been still knitting myself, honest!  In the weekend I finally sewed up this wee newborn cardy for Squiggler, the knitting was finished a while ago but I’d put off the seaming because I had thought it would be hard – its only the 2nd cardy I’ve ever made and I got Mum to seam the first one!  But it turned out the seaming wasn’t so tricky after all, and I thought I did a reasonably tidy job of it actually.

As for the details:  the yarn is Cleckheaton Merino Bambino – a lovely wool/bamboo 4ply which is really soft and delicious.  I’m pretty sure it took 3x 25g balls for the cardy.   The pattern is the Cross Over Cardigan in the Cleckheaton #951 Cocoon Baby booklet.  Squiggler is due to make his appearance in 2 weeks, so hopefully soon I’ll have some modelled pictures to show off!


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