FO: Baby Connor

J will not be on her blog for a week or so due to the early (and dramatic) arrival of her wee squiggler, now known as Connor.  J had to go to hospital urgently on Tuesday morning and was monitered during the day.  However, due to complications, she needed an emergency c-section on Tuesday evening and wee Connor arrived safely, weighing only 6 pounds 4 ounces.  He is teeny weeny and absolutely perfect.

E is an exceptionally proud big sister and constantly wants to cuddle and sing to him.  J is doing well and C is a healthy strong wee boy, despite his size.

I am a very proud auntie.  The pic of me holding him should show you how small he is.  Well, he is small to us as Jas and E were both a kilo heavier at birth!


NB: If you click on the photos they will get bigger.  I have never blogged before so I have no idea what I am doing.


2 thoughts on “FO: Baby Connor

  1. Welcome Connor! And thanks for the posts Sally, I’ve been wondering how Jenny’s been doing since hearing that she’d had to go for an emergency c-section. Congratulations Jenny!

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