Minty beanie

Before C was born I made this wee newborn size beanie from leftover yarn from the minty cardy and hat I made a year ago for Jasper.  The other hat is still a little big for C yet (as is the cardy) so it means he gets to wear a matching set for a while.

The pattern is a basic 2×2 rib pattern I found online, which knitted up quickly on circular needles, but I hated the crown shaping to be honest.   It just goes straight to stocking stitch which looks kinda weird after all the rib.  I much prefer the baby watchcap pattern which is a 3×3 rib.



To Margo for this lovely wee vest made from Cleckheaton Coccoon.  The vest looks TINY when not worn but stretches to fit the little guy perfectly.  Margo sent me the vest as soon as C was born, and 6 weeks later its had lots of use, in fact he was wearing it today 🙂  Sorry for the crappy photo, it was taken back when he was a week old:

And also thankyou to Lisa for this gorgeous Milo vest, which looks about a 3 month size and will no doubt get lots of use over winter.  No modelled pics yet:

Lisa also sent C this gorgeous onesie:

Ellie has two babies…

I don’t know if I have shown him here before, but in February E got a kitten kindof as a preparation for having a baby in the family.  She has learned how to handle him gently and look after him, and he is her baby to focus on while I am tending to her baby brother.  His name is Toby and E is a very proud mummy and big sister!