Still no knitting

Well I’ve been back at work fulltime for a month and the knitting has had to take a back seat unfortunately – I look longingly at my project bag but I have no time or energy left at the end of the day!  C is 10 weeks now and adores his big sister – here are some pics of him smiling at her:

Not a scrap of yarn in sight…

Sorry this is a NKP (non knitting post) but C has just started smiling which means I need to pop a few photos on here, as you do.  I am actually working on a project but its a vest for E and just lots of stocking stitch in the round so nothing interesting to show yet.

C was in the bouncinette yesterday so I took a few snaps – not very good ones because the light was dim which made them fuzzy without the flash, but when I used the flash it made the speed a fraction slower and he kept moving – argh! 

FO: Baby watchcap

I got halfway through knitting this when C arrived a wee bit sooner than expected, and it wasn’t until he was a couple of weeks old that I managed to finish it, despite it being a super quick knit.  Its made from the leftover yarn from the sideways rib cardy, and while it does fit a newborn its quite stretchy and will fit C for a while.  The pattern is for 8ply but the yarn is 4ply sock wool, so I cast on 96 stitches on 3.25mm 40cm circs.  I also added a couple of extra knit rows in the crown shaping. 

The cardy is 3×3 rib, so the hat pattern matched it perfectly.  There is a hat pattern in the Coccoon book with the cardy pattern but its for a long hat which ties in a knot at the top which I didn’t like. 

I’ll have to get a better pic of the hat itself, but in the meantime: