Knitting vicariously?

My sister is a knitting machine!  Since my own knitting has pretty much stalled at the moment (I haven’t done anything in a few weeks!) I thought I’d share some of her recent knitting projects:

A wee hat for C – no picture yet cos its still a wee bit big

and here are some soakers and longies modelled by J, a very active 1 year old!

punk knitters soaker

And another one

cable longies:

four leaf clover longies


My happy wee boy

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here before but my 3 month old hasn’t had the happiest of 3 months, with colic and reflux issues.  He’s now a lot happier thanks to a couple of osteo sessions, and he is crying less and less!  He is now happy to lie flat on his back for toy time, without crying after 2 minutes like he used to, so I thought I’d share this pic of him chilling out today:

Happy birthday to my 4 year old princess!

E had her birthday party yesterday, and had a blast.  It was a Strawberry Shortcake themed party, so Nana C made this awesome cake:

I got out the dressup box and all the kids had fun trying on E’s costumes.  The birthday girl was very pleased to wear a tiara and a party hat 🙂  For some reason she could only find one glove for her Belle costume though.

Even C wore a pirate hat:

Nana C gave E a Wiggles Singstar disc, so they had a great time singing along to the Wiggles!  I confess I had to have a go tonight when no one else was around 🙂

J sang and ate the microphone at the same time!

I’ll add some pics of the other kids when I get permission from their mums. 

FO: Cable baby beanie

I made this while on maternity leave, for my gift stash.  Then I realised that I’d made a mistake (one of the cables is a row too short) and I can’t bear to gift anything less than perfect, so C ends up with it.  I tried it on him today and it fits perfectly!

Its nice soft Cleckheaton Coccoon, I love that yarn.

He was actually sitting in his bouncer crying when I put it on him, but it turns out he is a poser cos he hammed it up for the camera!

Here he is snuggling with his sister this morning while they were both still in their pjs