Placket Neck Jumper

So I started a placket neck jumper for Connor a few months ago, and have been dawdling along with it.  Used magic loop for the sleeves on my new knitpicks needles – my first ever magic loop project!  I’m just about to start the placket neck now, but in the meantime my sister has whipped one up for my nephew in a fraction of the time its taken me to get this far.

So here is Jasper’s placket neck jumper, in Ocean Utiku I think

and here is Jasper wearing it – very very soon I will show a pic of Connor wearing his.  Honest.  Really.


Hi!   Its been a very long time between blog posts! sorry about that – currently my computer is doubling as the TV and its hard to get enough time without hubby or kids wanting the TV for me to be able to blog.

For that matter I haven’t been knitting much either, but as winter is approaching I NEED to make some longies for Connor, who is currently wearing his sister’s girly coloured longies that are about 3 inches too long for him.

Since I’m blogging in my lunchbreak at work I have to be quick, but I thought I’d share a Mothers Day swap that I got in the weekend (sorry the pics are a bit big, I don’t have time to fix them).

Aren’t the little owls just cuties? Their wings are minky, and their eyes are felt with little black snaps.  Ellie has claimed the red one and named it Hoo.

The yarn is a very beautiful 2 ply, which is asking to be made into an Anthemion Wrap, which is rather ambitious since in my current UFOs I have a pair of longies I started 2 years ago, and a more recent but still very slow jumper for Connor.  One day though…