Captain Feathersword!

I’m baaaaack!

Yeah shocking blogging, I know.  I’ve had a busy year and crafting sort of took a back-burner for a while.  In fact (and how embarrassing is this?)  I’ve just finished a pair of longies I started THREE YEARS AGO!  And I was so out of practice I had to keep looking up my pattern pages to remember how to make them!  shame!

I’ve put them aside to embellish, so will show them later.  In the meantime, Nana Colleen has been busy making a Captain Feathersword costume for C.  Yep, the Wiggles are once again popular at my house, now that I have a 2 year old!

The shirt is a Pumpkin Patch one that Nana Colleen bought and added lacy ruffles to the sleeves and down the front.  The vest is entirely made by her.   The hat and sword were bought but she’s added the feathers.  It has a sash with fringes at the end too.

Here he is, saying “ho ho ho!” (cos he hasn’t figured out that pirates say yo ho ho).


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