I’m a full-time lawyer, wife, mummy to an energetic toddler, a horse-lover and knitting addict! I love creating fun baby knits, particularly colourful longies and shorties to be worn over cloth nappies.

When I got pregnant I never thought in a million years that I’d use cloth nappies (all I could think of was “ew!” and “mountains of laundry”) and that I’d take up knitting (well, how nana can you get, right?).  Then I discovered that cloth nappies are easy to use & wash, are comfortable for baby and good for the planet (and now I think “ew” and “mountains of laundry” about disposable nappies, which I found leaked sooooooo much worse than cloth ones).  Anyway, it seemed a natural progression to pick up some knitting needles to make soakers and longies to wear over the cloth nappies, thanks to the encouragement of the lovely ladies on The Nappy Network.  And I discovered that knitting is not so nana-ish after all! 

I live in Rodney District, New Zealand, which I have to say is a pretty darn fine place for a horse-lover to live.  I have two horses which I blog about at Enter at A.  

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  2. Hi there, I am a stay at home mom who loves your pattern and is looking for away to bring in a little extra money. Do you ever give permission to sell longies made from your pattern?

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