Longies Gallery

How exciting is this?!  Other people have been using my longies pattern!

If you have a photo of finished longies or shorties I’d love to put them here!  You can email me a link or a photo at jawab3@yahoo.co.nz.  Thanks!


 This cute pair was made by Khai on TNN, using Colour 4 Me yarn:


And Helen made these two, the first is with Colour 4 Me:


And this one is yummy chocolate swirls Utiku with funky ruffles at the cuffs:


Kelly made these (I think with Paton’s Jet):


and she made these too:

These are by Leah:

And these are by Kimber (hand dyed!):

These are by Kate:

These two purple creations are by Julia:

And these 3 are by Bec:

4 thoughts on “Longies Gallery

  1. Hello, this is probably a really silly question but how can I send you pictures? I couldn’t find you email address anywhere on the blog… I just knitted a pair of your longies and though I would send a photo to you:)I love your pattern.

  2. Hi,

    I was just wondering for someone who has never knit before…how difficult is it to knit a pair of longies? I am a stay at home mom on a fixed budget and so far havent been able to find any in our price range. I have the time… I just don’t want to bite off more than I can chew! lol


  3. My cousin’s wife is expecting in October and asked if I would make her some wool diaper covers and longies. I had no idea what longie were so I am very happy to see so many examples. Wish I knew what sex but there are so many unisex possibilities that that really isn’t important. Wish me luck.

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