My netball supporter

Last night my work had a friendly netball competition with a local banking team as a netowrking sort of thing.  I DON’T play netball but I thought I’d go along to show my support, so the kids and I went and cheered for our team.  Both kids were fascinated with their first viewing of a netball game, and E has asked me if she can please play netball “when I am a lady”. 

My team was wearing silly sweatbands for fun and of course one of them ended up on C’s head, who kept tilting his head back to try and see it!  He had a good time and got lots of attention which always makes him happy.



We were down in Invercargill for a visit in October and the spring blossoms were gorgeous!

We’d never been to the Southern City before, and we loved it despite the less than stellar weather.  Queens Park is fabulous!

Actually we were very taken with Invercargill and for a while we were planning to move there to live – its a lovely city and so much less traffic than Auckland!  We ultimately made the call to stay put though.

All the above shots were taken at Queens Park.  You will notice there are no photos of C – thats because he was snoozing the whole time!

My little girl is growing up

And is big enough for pony rides!  She’s been on a pony once when she was two, and sat on my horses a couple of times, but last month she had her first proper lead rein ride.  This is a pony called Rusty who is owned by one of the little girls at the local pony club.  E loved her ride so hopefully we can make it a regular thing.

This one’s for Colleen


I sort of disappeared off the face of blogdom for a while there!  Lots going on in my world, and I’ve found 2x kids plus fulltime work makes me busy busy busy!  Knitting has been put on hold for a while and I haven’t had much computer time either, but my mother-in-law has been telling me I need to get blogging again, so here I am!

And for my first post in a long time, I shall simply share a photo of my darling boy who is now 8.5 months

Knitting vicariously?

My sister is a knitting machine!  Since my own knitting has pretty much stalled at the moment (I haven’t done anything in a few weeks!) I thought I’d share some of her recent knitting projects:

A wee hat for C – no picture yet cos its still a wee bit big

and here are some soakers and longies modelled by J, a very active 1 year old!

punk knitters soaker

And another one

cable longies:

four leaf clover longies

My happy wee boy

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here before but my 3 month old hasn’t had the happiest of 3 months, with colic and reflux issues.  He’s now a lot happier thanks to a couple of osteo sessions, and he is crying less and less!  He is now happy to lie flat on his back for toy time, without crying after 2 minutes like he used to, so I thought I’d share this pic of him chilling out today: